This tutorial demonstrates the basic usage of ModeHunter tools using the default parameters. More documentation is available in the user guide, and in the published articles.
Download and Installation

Follow first the simple registration and download steps (you need to download the tutorial separately)!

In addition to the Python programs, the ModeHunter_Tutorial_1.2 directory contains also a number of additional data files and a directory:

  • 4AKE_chain_a_ca.pdb: adenylate kinase C-alpha atom representation.
  • adkin_monomer_30_pseudoatoms.pdb: coarse grained model coordinates.
  • adkin_monomer_30_pseudoatoms.psf : coarse grained model connectivities.
  • tutorial.scriptA documented and shell executable text file that explains the individual tutorial steps.
  • tutorial.logShell output generated when running the tutorial.script file.
  • solutions: directory with expected output files of the tutorial for comparison.
Script and Solutions

Please try out the above mentioned tutorial.script and, especially, read the documentation within this file. You can execute the script by entering: "./tutorial.script" in a terminal window. With the solutions directory and the output log file as a reference, the overall workflow should be self-explanatory. 

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