ModeHunter was initially developed in 2009 by Joseph Stember and Willy Wriggers at Weill Cornell Medical CollegeUpdated information on our research can be found at the URL biomachina.org. The program history below describes changes that were implemented after version 1.0.
    Changes in Version 1.2 vs. Version 1.1:

  • Using cosine instead of sine in animate.py to support single-frame output of modes for subsequent analysis with structural bioinformatics programs.
  • Minor change in the output of animation frames: now using input file template for output PDB (animate.py and m_inout.py).
  • Type selection parameter added for "arrows" or "needles" display in needles.py.
  • Bug fix: Amplitude of modes in animate.py and needles.py adjusted based on RMSD. 
    Changes in Version 1.1 vs. Version 1.0:

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